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who we are

Keystone Safety is a workplace health and safety business based in Northern Rivers, NSW, specialising in small business safety support. 

We are committed to delivering cost-effective and targeted safety solutions to help your workers get home safe every day.

Our services will help you to cover yourself in a legal sense, and more importantly will hone in on the critical risks your team faces every day, to drastically reduce the risk of a fatal or serious injury or illness taking place on your watch.

what we do

We get to know you, and your business, before we do anything else.  What type of work do you do? What are your worries? What are your key drivers? What hazards are your workers exposed to? How ready are you to get started?

Our aim is to leave you with a safety product that you understand, that you’re proud of, and that you are committed to implementing and improving every day.   Often the best approach is a collaboration with the person who will “own” safety in your organisation, ensuring it is the no.1 priority moving forward. It’s also fundamental to involve the workers every step of the way on this crucial safety journey.

Our safety products are easy to understand, quick to implement, and effective at reducing your exposure to your most harmful workplace risks.  No safety project is complete without a roll-out of the new stuff and training for your workers. We work with you to ensure your workers are fully aware of what is required of them, to ensure they are competent to undertake high risk activities on your work sites.


get started

Are you ready to embark on your safety culture journey? Here are a few options:

  • Take our quick Workplace H&S Survey for a no obligation, over the phone consultation on what your next steps might be
  • Choose from one of our Package deals
  • Review our Blog page to view case studies, articles, and safety related tips and tricks

Alternatively, contact us to have a chat about what your needs are, and how we can help.

As a busy family-owned and run tree removal company we know we need good workplace health and safety policies, but it seemed such a confusing and overwhelming job we didn't even know where to start.
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Jaye Wardlaw
Business Owner, Tweed Valley Tree and Stump Removal

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