WHS? Where to start…

Unsure where to start with your workplace health and safety system? Here is one thing you can do and you’ll be on your way. In my view, it’s the most important. Figure out what training and competency you, or your team, needs to have to do your job safely.

Here’s an example. Are you a tree feller? You can do a quick Google search for “tree felling qualifications” (as I just did) to see what formal training options there are, if you don’t already know. Hmmm, a Cert III in Arboriculture looks pretty fundamental. If you haven’t got it, maybe enrol today.

While you’re at it, think about what key competencies you need to do your job safely. Do you need to know how to use a chainsaw safely? Yes? Then write this down, and check that each of your team can demonstrate they can do just that. Hey presto – you’re on your way to a safer company.