Burringbar tree company embraces safety change

Implementing robust workplace health and safety practices and procedures had always been on the agenda, but it just kept slipping down the priority list, according to Tweed Valley Tree and Stump Removal owners Jaye and Tom Wardlaw.

Meeting Mel presented a turning point for Jaye and Tom, who decided to take action to step up the protection of their 10-strong workforce from the hazards in this high-risk industry.

Mel was only too happy to visit site and see the boys in action, and she also met with Jaye and Tom to understand where they were at on their safety journey. Mel: “A lot of businesses already have aspects of a safety system, but they need to flesh it out here and there to be fully compliant.  Jaye had previously worked in an OSH space and was instrumental in getting everything sorted very quickly.”

The work team had always been safe on site, with the considerable experience of Tom meaning that even difficult trees or constrained sites could be tackled in a safety-conscious manner.  “The difference is that now we spend longer putting our approach down on paper, and when things change the boys can reflect and update the SWMS as required. We also actively track the maintenance of our contractor’s plant, to be certain that they are looking after their gear.”

It’s onwards and upwards now for Jaye and Tom, who want to fully embed their new practices, and to ensure the work team is being adequately consulted and communicated with on all safety issues.