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  • Legal Compliance
  • Ensure you comply with the WHS Act and Regulations 2011
  • Reduce the risk of costly fines should an incident occur
  • Add 1 year Stay Safe subscription for A$1,400


  • Reporting Excellence
  • Embed a reporting culture to stay on top of safety issues
  • Enhance worker communication and engagement
  • Add 1 year Stay Safe subscription for A$1,400


  • Serious Injury Prevention
  • Ensure you meet best practice for managing your biggest hazards
  • Target hazards that could cause a life-changing injury
  • Includes 1 year subscription to Stay Safe


  • Hearts and Minds Safety
  • Live and breathe safety within all business areas
  • Drive continuous improvement in safety, including staff well-being
  • Includes 2 year subscription to Stay Safe

Stay safe

Workplace health and safety support programme

Priority WHS support to keep your system on track. Includes*:
– Monthly phone or Zoom / Skype check-in to resolve any issues / challenges / queries
– 6-monthly on-site audit of health and safety performance
– Annual overall WHS health check / action plan update
– Priority on-call accident support, including support for investigations and/or notifications
Adds onto any Sandstone or Granite package
Included in Marble (1 year) and Opal packages (2 years)

Just A$109 per month

* Terms and conditions apply

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Give us a call or fill out our Quick Workplace H&S Survey to help identify what your issues may be.  If you need further information on the Packages above, call us.

While there are certain legal requirements, such as reporting serious incidents, that could expose you if a serious incident occurs in your workplace, you are unlikely to be fined for not having a safety system. In addition, no safety system can protect you from prosecution if an accident occurs. It is of no use having a dusty unused WHS Manual in the bottom drawer of your office desk. If a serious accident occurs your best position is to have evidence of active safety management within your workplace.

At Keystone Safety we will help you to implement and maintain a simple, yet robust safety system that can reduce your exposure to critical workplace risks, thereby reducing the likelihood that you’ll end up in hot water.

Many safety consultants will prolong their commission and try to prove their worth by bamboozling you with safety jargon and making your head spin. Often the paperwork will look to be in another language, and imagine how useful that would be to someone with English as another language or with limited literacy and numeracy skills!

We explain workplace health and safety concepts in simple language, and if you still don’t get it, we will keep going until we’re singing from the same hymn sheet. You will end up with a safety system you understand, you can maintain, and that you will be proud of!

be safe

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