Emergency planning crucial for Pest Management business

Optimum Pest Control was already complying with the majority of the requirements of the highly regulated pest management industry, but Keystone Safety was able to assist in other, more general areas of health and safety compliance.

As seasoned pest control operators, Mike and Karen knew what equipment was required, what licences were needed, and how to ensure that all the other requirements of Pest Management Act 2001 were being met.  They didn’t however have a robust emergency plan for their office, or strict access controls for their hazardous substances in that location.  Mike: “We knew what was required for the boys on the job sites, but it was time to focus on getting the back-of-house safety in place.”

Keystone Safety’s WHS Manual set out a clear emergency plan that included gaining access to AEDs and medical centers in the area.  Says Karen: “We had an introductory meeting with Mel where she really listened about what our work health and safety issues are.  Having an emergency plan in place was something that had slipped everybody’s minds.  We now have an evacuation drill scheduled for every 6 months for all our office staff”.