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  • No employees (e.g. sole trader)1-4 employeesLess than 50 employeesOver 50 employees

  • VICNSWQLDSAWATASNew ZealandOutside Australia and New Zealand

  • Low (e.g. desk work only)Medium (e.g. building maintenance)High (e.g. construction, agriculture)

  • Less than $100,000 / annum$100,000 – $500,000 / annum$500,000 – $1,000,000 / annumOver $1,000,000 / annum

  • My workers keep having accidentsI can’t win contracts with large firms, as I don’t meet their safety requirementsI am worried about being prosecuted if we have a serious accidentManagement is not committed to safetyOther (please specify)

  • Emerging / Pathological – We don’t care as long as we’re not caught!Managing / Reactive – Safety is important, we do a lot every time we have an accident!Involving / Calculative – We have systems in place to manage all hazardsCooperating / Proactive – Safety leadership and values drive our continuous improvementContinually improving / Generative – Safety is how we do everything around here

  • Cold – we’re fine the way we areLuke-warm – We are interested, but we aren’t sure it is worth the moneyHot – We are ready to change and want it done fast

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