How we work with you

The goal is to ensure that your business continues on its safety journey after we leave. To be truly successful, safety must be fully integrated into the way you work, rather than an after-thought. Our approach ensures that we achieve this by assessing what your needs are, implementing it together, and then handing over the reins. If you need a helping hand to keep things moving, we offer an annual Stay Safe subscription to keep you on track.


Gap Assess

Where are you now?

Where do you want to be?

We conduct high level gap assessment for your business.

We determine which Package option suits you best.


Plan of Attack

We plan out the commission to ensure it is as effective as it can be.

There are 5 key stages:
1. Getting leadership buy-in
2. Writing policy / procedure
3. Providing training
4. Getting the right gear
5. Maintaining a safety culture


Get it Done

The fun part!  We implement our plan and make your workplace safer.

Actions Registers help to keep us on track. 

Worker and management consultation ensures we get buy-in every step of the way.


Maintain Momentum

A healthy WHS system is one that is continually improving.

Our Stay Safe annual subscription can help keep a focus on safety moving forward.

Regular safety reviews are essential to maintaining a safety culture.


Our vision is simple

We want to stop workers from being seriously injured or killed on work sites.

We want to empower business owners to put worker safety first.

We want to make safety simple, accessible, and effective.


Originally from New Zealand, Melanie graduated  in 2007 with a Masters’ degree in Chemical Engineering where she’d been researching hydrogen fuel cells in the lab. She went out into the big wide world with her first job as a consulting process engineer in water treatment design for a design firm in Auckland.

Mel’s work in water treatment took her to London, UK, where she worked for a project management consultancy for nearly five years. This work involved everything from water treatment design through to quality management.

Fast forward through to 2013 where Melanie was working as a project manager on an upgrade to a major water treatment facility in New Zealand. Through this role, Mel came face to face with the safety challenges faced by both the contracting staff sweating it out in the trenches, and the consulting engineers inspecting their workmanship. She realised that workers were being unduly exposed to risks such as confined spaces, underground services and heavy machinery, and developed a keen interest in keeping these workers safe.

Mel did some digging into safety legislation and best practice and in the process found herself unearthing a much deeper desire to further her knowledge in the safety domain and apply herself fully in a safety role. This saw her jump ship from the consulting to the contracting side, and in doing so, dive in head-first into the difficulties companies face in balancing winning work and being productive with sending everyone home safe every day.

Now living in the Northern Rivers in NSW, Australia, Mel has set about helping businesses understand the sometimes mind-boggling world of safety.  There is nothing worse for an employer than having a worker seriously injured at work.  Mel hopes that her work will help get more workers home safe, every day.



Businesses are tired of workplace health and safety being rammed down their throats, of being called every second day to be told they are breaking the law and need to invest hugely to avoid prosecution. We will listen to your issues, check out your work environment, and help you implement simple changes that will actually make your work sites safer.


Businesses, and particularly small businesses, are often deterred by the cost of implementing safety in their organisation. For this reason, organisations will be able to access a service that fits their business size and turnover, without any catches. With solutions that will make a actual difference to worker safety. Hallelujah!


Safety is one of those words that sends most people running for cover – people’s eyes glaze over as they think of endless paperwork and reporting on paper cuts! That is not safety – that is compliance. We want to spread the word that safety doesn’t have to be boring, unoriginal or repetitive. We want to instil our passion in our clients, so they can ignite their own safety journey.

In the community

Here at Keystone Safety, we believe that giving back to the community should be a vital component of every business. As such, 1% of our profits currently go to the following community initiatives:

Fred’s Place, Tweed Heads (St. Vincent de Paul Society)


The Smith Family

be safe

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